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As part of Dream Downtown’s rotating art program, our latest installation, entitled “Variety Pack,” is an exclusive collaboration with street artist Whisbe. The install consists of 85 12″ x 16″ vandal gummy bears which combine to make a full color spectrum. The piece will be on display at Dream Downtown in the Swing Room through January 2016. Each Gummy bear is priced at $1,176.46 cents totaling $100,000 for the entire installation.


“I wanted to create a piece which is both visually stimulating and interacts with the living environment of a hotel. The opportunity to install in a room which is a blank canvas challenged me to scale my past work and create something greater.” – Whisbe


This installation represents the 2nd installation in Dream Downtown’s art program which previously featured an installation by renowned contemporary street artist, Shepard Fairey.


“Whisbe’s art further tells Dream’s commitment to culture and creating memorable guest experiences at Dream Downtown. This piece is one of the most engaging we have ever installed in the hotel and is great  addition to our rotating art program” – Rohit Anand, Director of Brand Partnerships and Activations


Installation Details:

  • Title: “Variety Pack”
  • Image: Vandal Gummy
  • Each are 12″ x 16” /
  • Acrylic on Canvas (2015)
  • $100,000.00 for entire installation of 85 pieces
  • $1,176.47.00 plus tax each


WhIsBe Bio:

New York City Street artist WhIsBe, is noted for his whimsical iconography, juxtaposing innocuous and benign images within an edgier context. Named 1 of 7 NYC street artists to keep on your radar by Guest if a Guest, the SVA artist began to appear in 2011 across the US and Europe with his McDictator piece, which the Huffington Post mentioned as, “the McDonaldization of America.”  He has been featured on publications such as Art Net, Wallpaper Magazine, Materialist Magazine. WhIsBe is also known to help curate and create art for live events for the likes of Red Bull Company & Governors Ball Music Festival.He has already been placed in New York City/Los Angeles/Miami Galleries, Art Southampton and Art Basel with the Keszler Gallery and held space alongside numerous other successful artists such as Marco Glaviano, Russell Young and FAILE . Some of his fans include; Nicole, Lily Collins Miller, Nick Moody, Norman Reedus, Rosario Dawson and Marcus Gilbert.








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