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Avocado toast, burgers, mac-n-cheese, cinnamon rolls, and more are all available at the West Village’s new hot spot By Chloe. You may be wondering what’s so great about those dishes? You can find them at places all over the city. What is it that makes By Chloe so special?

Everything is vegan! All ingredients used are completely free of animal products.

We were skeptical at first, as are many other non-vegans who have made their way to the West Village to try one of the familiar sounding dishes, but the deliciously perfect Instagram photos taking over our feeds sealed the deal. We had to try it.

By Chloe was opened last June by vegan chefs Chloe Coscarelli and Samantha Wasser of ESquared Hospitality. Located on 185 Bleecker Street it’s a must-see food destination in the city.


186 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10012


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