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The sun is coming out more and more often, and we’re getting closer and closer to those breezy summer strolls through these hot streets. Sure, before we get there we may have to put up with the occasional April shower, but soon enough we’ll doing snow angels in the proverbial ‘May Flowers’ and snoozing under the shade in Central Park.

Here’s a 3-headed attack for your upcoming week to help us all get back on track.




Rocky Slims
338 3rd Ave
New York, NY 10010

NY pizza extraordinaire, Angelo Romano (Robertas, Pines) has opened up a 45 seat ‘New-Italian’ eatery in Kips Bay. Introducing: Rocky Slims. Other than having an awesome name, this place has some fantastic choices. You’ll see two separate areas of the restaurant. The dining room is armed with a wood-fire oven, which pumps out classic square pies topped with anything from pepperoni to celery root and pickled onions. The second portion of the restaurant is a simple takeout slice shop, which utilizes a brick oven and gives you just what you need after a long night. Check out their menu here.





Gunmetal Blue
Mezcal Vida
Blue Curaçao
Orange Coin

Porchlight represents the first stand-alone bar from Danny Meyer, alongside Blue Smoke sidekick Mark Maynard-Parisi. Cocktail recommendation? The Gunmetal Blue. A neon blue mezcal concoction that breaks necks at the bar with its presentation…it’s practically glowing. Also take a serious look at the bar snacks, which are all thanks to the creative mind of Blue Smoke chef, Jean-Paul Bourgeois. It has a definite Southern accent, but you can understand every word.



Brooklyn Museum
200 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, New York 11238-6052

Jean-Michel Basquiat. A world-famous writer/poet/graffiti artist/painter, Basquiat was self-taught with a mind of encyclopedic interests. His inspirations were endless— Comic books, hip-hop, children’s sketches, and pop art. Basquiat reached art-historical status with unprecedented pace, and interestingly was a writer before anything else. A writer turned painter, who was inspired to paint by the words he wrote. It is this unique piece of the process that will be showcased at the Brooklyn Museum starting on April 3rd. Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks will feature eight of his notebooks that served as inspiration for some of his most iconic pieces. See details here.


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