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The summer solstice approaches, we’re no longer searching for the clues of summer. It is here. Like the metal coils of a convection oven, the steel towers of Manhattan will slowly begin heating up. As its inhabitants, it is our civil duty to enjoy the celestial sun rays with delectable food on our plates and oversized ice cubes in our tumblers.

Summer is here. Go out and play.


119 1st Avenue
NY, NY 10003

If early summer wants to hit us with 90-degree weather, we’re going to hit it back with brand new modern Korean eatery (not barbecue) in the east village. Order the honey butter chips, relax, and know that you’re ahead of the curve ; )


Joe’s Bar
420 Amsterdam Ave
NY, NY 10024

Ever been nostalgic for New York in the gritty 1970s? Yeah, neither have we. But the newly opened UWS bar, Joe’s is sure to change that; travel back in time to The ‘Me’ Decade in this cozy new spot that’s all about classic burgers and unique mixology. Joe’s menu is simple, yet classic, with an entire section devoted to retro 70s-era drinks. Sample Stingers, Harvey Wallbangers, Rusty Nails, Golden Cadillacs, and numerous other throwbacks in all their Gallano-imbued, creme de cacao glory. Have a cocktail (*cough* The Skywalker) and dig into a juicy burger with a side of crispy fries.


Ever long for the simpler charms of the bygone era? Wish you could travel back in time to experience the vibrant spirit of the Jazz Age? You totally can.


The Jazz Age Lawn Party. An event that reaches its empty glass back to the days of prohibition and reminds us that it wasn’t always this easy…but it’s always been this cool. Be sure to brush up on your Fitzgerald and Hemingway in time for the outdoor bash, when part of Governors Island is transformed into a Prohibition-era soiree.

The JALP has been voted by the NYT on multiple occasions as one of the year’s most memorable events, and there’s no doubt this year will be another resounding success. Don your best jaunty fascinator to channel Daisy Buchanan or Jay Gatsby and celebrate the 10th anniversary of the grandest Jazz Age Lawn Party to date – live jazz music, classic attire, and drinks all night long!


Grab your tickets here!


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