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Living The Dream: Catalina Su

If you’re obsessed with the beauty looks of the ladies of E! News, then you have to get to know the woman behind the brush, Catalina Su. We caught up with the celebrity makeup artist during her recent stay at Dream Downtown to learn about her go-to beauty products, favorite makeup hack and the ‘it’ look for Fall ‘15.


We’re obsessed with the looks of the ladies of E! News! What is your go-to product?

I have to consistent go to products that I use till every drop.  MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation – I am a mixer, meaning I love to mix different formulas of foundation to create the perfect coverage and color.  This foundation is creamy with medium coverage, so it is my base that I mix with other foundations.  It is also beautiful alone. MAC Prep+Prime Highlighter in Bright Forecast is my favorite concealer.  It achieves the brightness, coverage and sheerness in this one product.  Haven’t found a product like this!

From statement lips to bold brows, what makeup trend do you foresee being the ‘it’ look for fall?

I forecast Matte Lips and Dewy Skin.  I think we are in a period where we want to make a fashion statement that simple and strong yet free.  The matte lips being a fashion forward statement and the skin being light and liberating. TOM FORD Lip Color Matte are my absolute favorites! bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream is a great sheer coverage that evens out the skin with a fresh glow.


Looking forward for spring, what look will we be seeing on the runway for NYFW?

For Spring, I see a pop of color on nails and cheeks. In a time where women are clear and loud.  Not afraid to be natural but with a simple forceful statement.


What’s the one product you always use to the very last drop?

Murad Advanced Active Radiance Serum is always in my kit.  I also use this personally day and night as well. It is a great prep for the skin that allows moisturizer to seep in lightly.  It minimizes the amount of moisturizer you use on your client, which is great so they won’t shine as much.

As a makeup artist, we know you’re always on the go and sometimes need to improvise on the fly. What’s your favorite beauty hack?

If I don’t have brow gel on me, I use hairspray and a mascara wand.  Works perfectly.


What’s your favorite song to rock out to when you’re doing your own makeup?

I love to listen to Ne-yo.  It’s sexy, calm and liberating. Woman.


What’s one piece of beauty advice you think applies to all women?

Be your absolute best at all times, physically and internally.  The cards are dealt, deal with them and conquer.




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