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Jacey + Catt Take On NYC

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We recently sat down with Damsel in Dior’s Jacey Duprie and E! News’ Catt Sadler to talk birthday shenanigans, new ink and the one thing they can’t leave NYC without doing first.


DREAM CONFIDENTIAL: What brings you to Dream Downtown on this trip?

JACEY: We were in New York to celebrate Catt’s birthday & enjoy the final weeks of summer in the city.

CATT: Well, I was turning another year older (don’t tell) so it seemed like an exceptional excuse to come play in my favorite city. Birthday shenanigans, you know?


How did you two become BFFs?

JACEY: I met Catt on my first day of work on The Daily 10 Show at E! Entertainment. I walked up to her and asked, “What do you do here?” She laughed & we became fast friends.

CATT: I was hosting a tv show on E, almost ten years ago, and Jacey was new to LA. She was the executive assistant to my boss. Smart, stylish, and real sass. I loved her instantly.


Between the two of you, how many pairs of shoes do you bring for a weekend trip in NYC?

JACEY: Eek! I typically bring 4 or 5 and Catt brings maybe 6… So I’d say 13 to be safe.

CATT: Jacey is so much better at packing. I always wait until the last minute and therefore over pack. I’m always petrified I won’t have the exact pair of shoes that I need for any particular occasion. I must have packed about 8 pair for less than three days!


You travel together often! What’s your favorite hotel story from a trip you took together?

JACEY: There are so many! A funny moment happened once at a hotel in Cabo. We were enjoying a nice day at the spa and went to the back area where there were hot tubs and saunas. We stripped down and jumped in to quickly learn {via the staff} that it was a co-ed spa and that nudity was not permitted. It was quite a good laugh.

CATT: For me it might have to be another birthday trip of mine. We traveled to the lesser known Loreto, Mexico and stayed in a resort in the blazing heat in August last year. It was brutally hot but we had this entire resort to ourselves. It is in the most idyllic setting. We skinny dipped in the ocean, chased a whole pack of dolphins on this ridiculous boat, and had personal chefs in our suite. Um, spoiled.


During your BFF Takeover of Dream Hotels’ Snapchat account, you went on an adventure around NYC to get matching tattoos. Who came up with this idea?

JACEY: One of the things I love most about Catt and Lina is that they aren’t afraid to be spontaneous. The week before our trip Catt and I were at dinner and she said that she was itching for a new tattoo. I mirrored her sentiment and then we just decided to get matching ones! We found the three lines on an inspiration board I have on Pinterest called “Ink” and we loved it because there are three of us. I think the idea was a collaborative one, as most of our crazy ideas are.

CATT: Honestly, I can’t remember. Probably Jacey’s. She gets shit done.


…and who was more afraid?

JACEY: I think Catt was a bit impatient, but not nervous.

CATT: Neither of us was scared, but surely I carry the award for bigger badass. I have more elaborate, darker, larger ink on my body. Her sweet little delicate tattoos take five minutes tops. Let’s be honest.


This trip included shopping for new Celine sunglasses, dinner at Dirty French and a night of cocktail-fueled karaoke… What’s the one thing you can’t leave NYC without doing first?

JACEY: I cannot leave NY without taking a run in Central Park.

CATT: All of our trips to NYC vary but I would say the one consistent thing is that we tend to get lost. On purpose. We try to experience the vastness of the city and it’s diverse offerings and aim to not go to the same places over and over again. About the only thing you can predict about our adventures is that she’ll be having a vodka soda and I’ll be having a spicy skinny margarita. ; – )


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