Keeping Up With the Unstoppable Lisa Messenger; Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Renegade Collective Magazine

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The Collective Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Lisa Messenger

At Dream Downtown, our energetic, loyal guests never seize to amaze us. We recently caught up with Lisa Messenger, Editor-in-Chief of leading global publication, The Collective, to learn a bit more about what’s keeping her busy during her stay in NYC as well as her future growth plans for The Collective.  


Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with us. For our readers who may not be familiar with The Collective, can you tell us some more about the publication?
The Collective is a multi-platform global movement for entrepreneurs and creatives to inspire people to live their best life.  We showcase empowering stories from the most incredible people and brands globally across our print magazine, website, monthly events, books and other products.  Our mission is to demonstrate that when you believe in yourself truly anything is possible. We live this out loud and by example every single day on our platforms.


In one sentence, describe your vision for the future of the magazine.
To be the go-to hub for entrepreneurs and creatives globally across multiple platforms.


We understand that the magazine is distributed in 37 countries. What type of success have you experienced in the U.S. market? I am humbled and thrilled by the response from U.S. readers.
We’ve built the U.S. very organically to-date; the print magazine is available in all Barnes and Noble stores as well as Hudson News and other selected outlets. To date, we’ve had 21 issues of the print magazine run in the U.S.


We heard you’re in NYC for a Magazine Conference. Working on anything else while you’re in NYC? 
Yes, I was here for the ACER global media launch as well as a number of big publishing meetings for the magazine and my book series.


Right! We heard that you’re writing a book about the best places for creative people to visit while in NYC. Tell us more.
Yes, the book I am working on is designed for big thinkers, those who love open spaces and love creating new opportunities. Its purpose is to encourage people to go outside their comfort zone and seek inspiration in new surroundings. It’s not your typical guide. I’m also calling on some of the collective’s closest NYC friends to reveal not only some of the city’s best kept secrets, but also a practical insight into breaking into the US market, relocating, working in co-working spaces etc.


We’re so excited that you chose Dream Downtown for your stay in NYC. What’s your favorite thing about the property?
At Dream Downtown, there is such an incredible vibe all the time. The buzz and the energy here are infectious.


There is never a shortage of energy at Dream Downtown – that’s for sure. Where else do you draw inspiration while in NYC? 
I always find that it takes a little adventure and a whole new surrounding to spark some of the best ideas. In NYC, it’s about getting amongst the art culture in spots like Mercer St, Bleeker St and Williamsburg. I’m also a big fan of Chelsea – which is why I love Dream Downtown so much, it’s location is perfect. I think Chelsea is easily missed if you’re not open to it and are influenced by the typical tourist things you’re rushing to get through. Think about what kind of inspiration you’re seeking, be in the moment and you may just find what you’re looking for.


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