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Living The Dream: Whitney Port

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It doesn’t matter which coast Whitney Port is currently calling home, her presence alone brings a style and class that suits both perfectly.

We’ve had a serious girl-crush on the reality show It-girl for quite some time now, and we appreciated sitting down and getting the scoop on all things Port. From her clothing collection, Whitney Eve, to her days living as a married woman, Port dishes on all that’s going on in her life, and if she’s team East or West Coast.


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As someone who has lived in both New York and Los Angeles – which city suits your style most?
Los Angeles definitely suits my style most. It is much more casual and doesn’t require so much layering! Don’t get me wrong- the sophistication and style of NYC is amazing, I just think my style speaks to more of an easy, breezy esthetic.

The fashion industry is constantly evolving. How do you see Whitney Eve growing/changing in the future?
I think Whitney Eve will evolve into the collection everyone just wants to thrown on be comfy and cozy yet cool. I’d like to transition into doing more knitwear, as that is what I wear most. I’d also love to dive into doing active wear and accessories!

You are a big proponent of clean eating. Favorite item in your refrigerator right now?
My favorite item is ALWAYS raw coconut chunks. I know it sounds weird but it is the perfect healthy snack.

Congratulations on your beautiful November nuptials. How’s married life?
Married life is amazing! It is just so wonderful to know you have that constant support from, someone who you just always want to be with and someone who you can really be yourself around with no apologies.

You and your husband both lead busy lives. What’s your best advice for newlyweds on balancing work and love?
The best thing is understanding- knowing that we are each young and hustling and we aren’t tossing each other side. We always make our alone time a priority whenever we get the chance.


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