Lost Your Room Key? 6 Reasons Why That Happened

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You lost your room key last night. It happens. But… why? Well. Depending on what you were doing last night, and your overall state of mind, the possibilities are endless.

Here are 6 (un)realistic explanations.

You Were Over-Served

Simple. Not your fault at all. The venue staff just didn’t get the memo about you not eating dinner. That’s on them.

You Gave It To Someone Who Was Really Attractive

And they snuck out early this morning. But they have the key, which means they might be coming back. Is that a good thing?


Yes or no…that’s on you.

It’s In Your Wallet, Which Is In The Cab You Took Home Last Night, Which May As Well Be In Greenland by Now

It’s gone. There is no ‘Find My Wallet’ application. If there is…let us know. Leaving things of value in cabs is one of the worst feelings this city has to offer.



It’s Lodged In The Hot Tub Filter

It got really late. Things got weird. You ended up in the hot tub. Room key floated out of your pocket and bam! Straight to the filter. Those things are MAGNETS.


It’s In Your Jacket, Which Is Still On A Hook Under The Bar

Thus far in the list, other than option 1, this is the most realistic possibility. It’s not uncommon for bars to accumulate huge stacks of jackets/coats/bags/ along with everything else they take from you…money and dignity included. Call them up. They might just make your day.



It Fell Out Of Your Pocket, Into The Toilet, And Is Gone Forever

For females, this is a constant danger. Hey, at least it’s not your phone right?




It’s Upstairs At PHD

Dream Hotel room key or AmEx black card? It was 2am and dark. It happens. Way more than you’d think.


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