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Sweeter than La Dolce Vita

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“La dolce vita.” And no we’re not talking about Fellini’s legendary film.

Instead, we do know a sweet way to spice up your jewelry game!

Enter Vita E Liberta, a New York City based jewelry line, that will help you shine from your ears, to your wrists, and your neck in between.

After working for major fashion houses like Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, New Yorker Frankie Venezia need a new outlet for his vision, and Vita E Liberta was born in 2012. 

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Upon realizing that there was a gap in the market for fabric bracelets, Venezia had the idea to capitalize and become the “owner” of this style.

As his brand grew, so did his collection. He decided to expand past fabric wrap styles, and he created unique and diverse jewelry styles that can be worn as a necklaces, chokers, or bracelets. This allows and encourages creative freedom to the wearer.

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Dream Favorite :

At Vita E Liberata, instead of your typical earring silhouettes, you get bold, statement pieces that are customizable.

Gift your friend earrings with their initials, or cute symbols like hearts and stars.

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Frankie thrives on working with individual clients to customize accessories for them. He can be reached out to directly, and can assist in any jewelry customization needs.

He is located in New York City and works by sending a sketch or photo of the desired style, followed up by photos of fabric swatches and prints for a client’s review. After that, he gets your measurements (if needed) and makes the magic happen!


You can find him on social media and his website.




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