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No debate—winter is here.


We’ve got you covered.


Take a seat in our Lobby Lounge Bar, and order yourself a ‘Hot to Trot’. Listen to Kavinsky leaking from the ceiling speakers while your bartender muddles fresh cucumber and jalapeño with veteran authority. Upon taking the first sip, the cucumber hits you and then the slow, gentle burn of jalapeño fills your intuition. It soothes you. It conveniently reloads your thirst, so you take another sip. And another. The fresh squeezed lime and agave provide a sweet and tangy finish that makes this drink incredibly unchallenging. Soon enough, like the polar vortexes of winters passed, before the fun has even begun, it’s over.


Jessie, the lovely woman pictured below describes it a little differently,


‘It’s like a spicy cucumber margarita. You’ve got the cucumber to cool you down, and the jalapeño to warm you up. Perfect for the winter or the summer. And we all love tequila.’

—Hot To Trot—

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