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For the first time ever, join us on an exclusive exploration of Dream Hotels’ stylish suites as part of our “Suite Dreams” week-long series. No matter what you’re looking for, Dream Hotels NYC has the accommodations to suit your needs. From rooftop gardens to entertainment rooms, here’s a look at everything you can expect.


After a $1 million dollar makeover by Josh Held Designs, Dream Downtown recently revealed the GuestHouse, a 2,500-square-foot duplex suite that will play host to the hottest events and special occasions in New York City. A gigantic black doorknocker signals the entrance to a room unlike any other on the property. Inside is an illuminated ceiling with color-morphing lights emanating from circular, porthole-themed fixtures. The lights slowly change from soft blues, to darker purples… and everything in between. At the ceiling’s center, through a porthole you can see into the blue waters of the glass-bottom Jacuzzi located on the second story garden terrace.


On the main floor you’ll find the master bedroom. A huge bed anchors the chamber, under an opulent headboard covered in circular mirrors. Behind the bedroom, is the master bath, with a walk-in shower and elevated Jacuzzi. There’s also a walk-in closet with a custom vanity. Also, if you need some extra assistance when getting ready for the big night, professional makeup and blowouts by IGK salon are available upon request.


Guests can climb one of two spiral staircases to the terrace on the 2nd floor. Here you will find the sparkling Jacuzzi you stared up into from the living room. A terrace extending the entire length of the suite, split into two equal segments by the infinity-rimmed Jacuzzi gives guests an exceptional change of scenery. Lounge furniture, city-scaped plantings, and an outdoor shower complete the space.

Throughout the penthouse, wall-mounted iPads feature a user-friendly Savant home automation system that allows guests to control any part of the indoor experience— from the temperature, to the lights, to the audio system. There’s even a mobile app that guests can download to connect audio settings from their smartphones. Dream Downtown’s resident Vibe Curator is available to help set the tone for whatever you have planned. Lighting, music, hot tub itinerary…we’re talking complete customization. Throw in the added wisdom from our Sneaker Stylist, and it doesn’t even matter what you decide to do, you’re going to look good doing it.

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