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Top Tips for Winter Hair Problems

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Winter brings some stellar fashion but is quite a buzz kill for our #hairgoals. Luckily our go-to hair guru, Yanni Boyiatzis, stylist at IGK Salon, gave us some top tips for dealing with static, dry hair and more!

Check it out below and let us know what YOUR favorite winter hair tips are in the comments!

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Your alarm rings but you’re too cozy in bed to blow dry your hair. Most hassle free hairstyle that looks like a million bucks?
Top knot! Section off hair behind ears and pull the front of hair into a top knot – leave the rest down. It’s quick, very easy to do and looks super cute without looking like you tried too hard!

Best hairstyle to wear under a beanie?
Under I beanie, I like it best when all of the hair is down. Hair can be tucked behind the ears or not – either way works. If you’re not having the best hair day, pull hair back into a very low, super messy bun. Make sure to tie hair at the nape of the neck (hairline) for it to not interfere with the beanie’s swag.

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Top tips to beat the static?
R&Co “Foil” static spray. Done deal…

What’s your advice for keeping dry hair happy?
Get a very light oil to keep the hair moisturized without making it look greasy. My favorite is Oribe’s “Gold Lust” nourishing oil.

What product recommendations to you have for winter hair?
Right now, my go-to for clients is R&Co “Foil” static spray. Also, R&Co’s “Death Valley” dry shampoo is perfect for the days where it’s too cold to wash your hair – or the days you just don’t have time to deal. Oribe’s “Creme for Style” styling cream works good on both wet and dry hair to to help weigh down static and flyaways.

What are some color trends this season?
This season my clients are going darker for sure. Nothing too solid though – you still want to have dimension and contrast in the hair which highlights help create. 

How can you keep volume/body in your hair in the cold?
A good texturizing spray or dry shampoo will do the trick. Simply lift hair in sections and spray at the root then all over a bit. I recommend Oribe’s “Dry” texturizing spray.


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