Ariel Padilla of Soul Cycle

Welcome to Chelsea, SoulCycle!

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Get ready to tap it back at SoulCycle’s newest address: 98 10th Avenue, just a 3-minute walk from Dream Downtown!


In preparation for the highly anticipated opening tomorrow (12/22), we sat down with Chelsea’s energetic instructor, Ariel Padilla, to uncover his best advice for riders…and whether we can expect to hear Bieber or Adele during his classes!

 Ariel Padilla of Soul Cycle

1. What were you doing before you became a SoulCycle instructor?
I had been performing in musicals around the country and also bartending here and there… (that actor life)


2. What’s your favorite day/time of the week to teach, and why?
I love a mid-week evening class. I feel like people come to SoulCycle to find release, and since what we do is so musically driven, riders can clip in, listen to the music, shut their “work brain” off and move what ever pent up energy they’ve been holding onto all week out. It’s super rewarding to feel the energy in the room when everyone is connected.


3. Which album can we expect to hear in your classes – Justin Bieber’s “Purpose” or Adele’s “25″?
Ummm…tough question! It all depends on what side of the bed I wake up on. It’s very possible you could hear both in one class. You could also come back the next day and I’m in a Juvenile, Lil Kim, and “Toxic” by Britney Spears mood. I’m a little unpredictable in that way, which makes it more fun.


4. Have your parents ever taken your class?
My dad and older sister are super supportive and love to share my schedule and encourage people to ride with me. However, they’re both like the, “I’ve gotta get in shape before I go do that” type. I always try and let them know that it doesn’t matter what kind of shape you’re in, what we do at SoulCycle is more private than you might think. It’s a community and a group workout but there is no expectation, you come in and give whatever 100 percent is for YOU that day. You come in however you’re feeling and we go from there. Everybody has to start somewhere.


5. In 5 words or less – best piece of advice for your riders.



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