What’s More Exclusive than a Speakeasy?

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Did you know that smoking in a bar or restaurant in New York City has been illegal since 2003? 

It’s true. However, those that were already open are exempt from that law making them rare and coveted among New Yorkers and tourists alike.

Check out one of the last few places to partake in the novelty of smoking, drinking and eating in the same place. 

Just a few blocks from Dream Midtown are three of our favorite cigar bars in the city. Check them out:

Carnegie Club

Expect to time travel back to the 18th Century at the Carnegie Club. Not only is this one of the most exclusive lounges in New York but also one of the most beautiful. Hand carved 18th century bookcases filled with books, dark wood and plush leather cover the interior. Fine cigars are their specialty but they also have small plates and classic cocktails we can’t get enough of.


Grand Havana Room

This club is exclusively members only and offers a variety of rooms that cater to guests’ needs, from private rooms for business to a bar area, lounge and restaurant.  The gorgeous views of the city make this club a gem in its own right.


Beekman Bar and Books

Located a bit further than the others in Midtown East, Beekman Bar and Books is completely worth the trek. Stunning ambiance and plenty of seating make this an especially great go-to spot. It also is the location of the first all women’s cigar smoker in New York City history and is the second NYC location for the Bar and Books family. You can find the other location near Dream Downtown.



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